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All Natural Simplicity Series - Medium

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This is the medium size version of our All Natural Line of cutting boards perfect for all of your medium duty cutting or chopping needs. It is approximately  9" Deep x 14" Wide x 1.25" thick. (Sizes can vary slightly +-1/4"-1/2" as each of these are custom made from one piece of wood) This is the perfect sized board for someone who cooks large meals but does not want a cutting board that is too big and takes up too much counter space or storage space.

These boards are re-enforced with two high grade stainless steel rods in the middle of the board to help stabilize the wood, reducing the chance of wood movement (warping).

It is hand made with care in Canada using one solid piece of Canadian Hard Maple (no glue) and other all natural, and completely non-toxic materials.
Our cutting boards have two finish coats of our own all natural Certified organic coconut oil, Certified Organic Canadian beeswax & Organic Carnauba Wax finish or our Certified Organic Walnut Oil, Certified Organic Canadian Beeswax & Certified Organic Carnauba Wax Finish. NOT MINERAL OIL FINISH like other cutting boards and wooden kitchen products, as mineral oil is a petroleum based product.

Walnut oil is a drying oil and resists going rancid so is a perfect all natural organic oil for all wooden objects in your home.

For those who do not want to use Walnut oil we also offer our Certified Organic Coconut Oil & Certified Organic Canadian Beeswax finish (Coconuts are NOT part of the tree nut family their name is a misnomer). Coconuts resist rancidity also, as well as having antibacterial and anti fungal properties.That being said, we are definitely NOT a nut free facility and your board will have had contact with Walnut wood and oil as we make Walnut boards as well. 

Hard Maple is one of the hardest, and most durable woods, and can withstand heavy use in a kitchen. ALL professional grade butcher block and cutting boards are made of Hard Maple. It is a closed grained hardwood (unlike oak, etc) that doesn't absorb bacteria easily, and with antibacterial properties on top of that it makes it the most preferred wood for cutting boards and wooden utensils.

The completely non-slip feet on this cutting board are made of hand cut all natural gum rubber, yes, natural rubber from a tree, NOT PVC or synthetic rubber, and they are affixed to the board with high grade stainless steel screws that will NEVER rust.



*We are not a Tree nut/Nut free facility. Contact may occur. Choosing coconut oil as your finish does not mean there is no tree nut/nut possibility.

*All cutting boards (regardless of finish chosen) use organic beeswax to fill imperfections as well as to water seal the feet and re-enforcing bars.



This cutting board is made of one solid piece of face grain Canadian hard Maple. It contains NO GLUES or toxic adhesives of any sort and is completely natural. Remember, that because it is made with one piece of hard wood there are always some completely natural discolorations and imperfections like mineral staining, spalting, knots, etc. There may be darker and lighter areas as well. As we do not fill holes with epoxies or other toxic substances, we DO NOT sell cutting boards with holes, grooves, or any significant defects in the top of your board that could harbor bacteria, there can be some in the bottom or sides as it is not a cutting surface.

Wood movement:

For us to keep these cutting boards glue free and organic, we make them from one piece of wood, note that ALL wooden cutting boards, (and really anything made of wood) will display some movement (warping) from moisture, it can even be from weather change, and boards made from one piece of wood are, in general, more prone to warp than "glued up" edge grain cutting boards. It this happens we can not consider this a defect, we can do nothing about this as wood is a natural material that can and will move. You can usually avoid any excessive movement by keeping your board dry and well oiled. ans-size-chart3.jpg

Note on maintenance: We do recommend that you purchase one of our organic oil finishes at the same time you purchase your cutting board as you will need to oil your cutting board to maintain it, and it will save you significant shipping costs then purchasing the oil finish at a later time, on its own.  If you would like to use your own organic finishing oil, you may absolutely do so!  However, remember that our finish also contains 100% organic waxes which increase the longevity of your board. So if you are using your own oils it is highly recommended that you also add organic waxes to your finish!





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Urthware Simplicity Series Cutting Board 01:21

Urthware Simplicity Series are our flagship cutting board. We make all natural glue free cutting boards that contain no petroleum based glues, adhesives, or finishes. Our boards are made of one solid piece of North American Hard Maple. We use all organic finishes including 100% organic walnut oil, 100% organic coconut oil, organic local Canadian beeswax, and organic carnauba wax. We use all high grade stainless steel hardware and gum tree rubber feet (not plastic/PVC). We make all of our cutting boards proudly in Canada using ethical forestry practices

  • Urthware Simpl...
    Urthware Simplicity Series are our flagship cutting board. We...

Product Reviews

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  1. the perfect cutting board, look no further!

    Posted by on 26th Aug 2017

    This cutting board is beautiful, easy to clean and the perfect size for the counter space I have. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for the perfect cutting board. The wood is natural, solid, easy to hold and move around due to the side handles and thickness of the wood. What I also really like about it is the rubber legs that hold it up off the counter and anchors it in place nicely. This is an excellent crafted cutting board and well worth the wait as it is made to order.


    Posted by Stephanie in Dallas TX on 24th Nov 2015

    Everything in my opinion! "Natural Series" cutting boards are lovely, eco friendly & most importantly SAFE for preparing food for my special needs child. NO glue, NO petroleum based materials, NO PVC, ABS or other synthetics. Hand made from solid piece of hard maple [doesn't harbor bacteria]; a tree planted for every board sold & somehow made for very reasonably price - WORTH EVERY PENNY & MORE! Owner obviously intelligent w/ integrity...a rare find. Educate yourself, make a purchase you can be proud of & others will envy [until they can get their own] Thank you Urthware! I appreciate you.

  3. Best Non-toxic Cutting board

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Nov 2015

    I'm impressed by this cutting board. We purchased it a year ago. It is still in a perfect shape. I use it daily to chop a giant salad for my family.
    Thank you!

  4. A Well-Made and Thoughtfully-Designed Cutting Board

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Nov 2014

    I bought this cutting board as a gift, and my recipient and I are duly impressed. The board is simple, elegant, and beautifully finished. Grooves carved into the ends of the board act as handles and maximize the cutting surface of the board, which is a nice touch. I love the idea of having little feet on a board, since I have some old cutting boards that have warped a bit with age and now spin helplessly on the counter as you try to cut on them. I anticipate that even if this wooden board will warp naturally over time, the feet should help keep it usable. Visually, the board is lovely because it showcases the grain of the maple tree. Many cutting boards I've seen that like to show off a similar face of the wood are much more cheaply made: instead of using a single large piece of wood, they opt to use many small pieces and glue them together. If I were to get a board that is glued together, I rather it be one of the more expensive boards that are glued together by necessity so that the surface of the board is made up of the edge of the wood considered superior for cutting. This board is very thoughtfully and conscientiously made, and the value is great compared to other cutting boards at similar price points. You can really feel good about buying and using it.

  5. A must have for the health concious chef

    Posted by A.D. on 2nd Oct 2014

    The cutting board is well made from a nice piece of wood. The medium size is perfect. If you opt for the larger size, keep in mind that the board will be fairly heavy since it is probably thicker than you might be used to. This is a plus for durability and use, but may be a bit cumbersome to wash. Make sure to pick up some oil along with your purchase, as it crucial for maintaining the board. The edges are a tad sharp and could have benefited from a light sanding to smooth them out a touch. This is easily remedied, though, should you feel so inclined. Overall, a good value that lends peace of mind to anyone concerned with chemical residues contaminating their food.

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