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All Natural Simplicity Series



Our All Natural "Simplicity" Series line of cutting boards are our flagship creations.  They are our most durable of the All Natural (glue free) Series, and are perfect for all of your medium to heavy duty cutting needs. These boards are hand made with:care in Canada using one solid piece of Canadian Hard Maple (no glue) and other all natural, and non-toxic materials.

What are our All Natural Simplicity Series line of cutting boards about?:

-We use 100% Canadian Hard Maple (Sugar Maple) Ethically harvested within 100 miles of our facility in Ontario Canada!

-They are made from one solid piece of Hard Maple and Contain NO GLUES!

-Contain NO petroleum derived coatings or finishes

-We use All Natural Gum Tree Rubber feet, hand cut by us. 

-We use only high grade stainless steel hardware including: internal stainless steel re-enforcing rods, and stainless steel screws.

-They are coated with Organic food grade finish options including: Organic Walnut Oil, Locally sourced Organic Canadian Beeswax, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Flaxseed oil, and Organic Carnauba wax.

-They contain NO antisap coatings (no fungicides or pesticides when milling lumber)

-Our cutting boards are very Proudly Made in Canada using living wage practices.


Christmas is coming! And we have made a dedicated production line for our number one selling All Natural Simplicity Series line of cutting boards.

If any All Natural Simplicity Series cutting boards from this section are ordered (as well as finishing oil) we will ship out from our facility within about a week (1-2 weeks)! 

Please note: if Pro Series, Utensils, Heritage Series, or All natural series Eco-Feather board are ordered in the same order as these boards our production time goes up to 2-4 weeks+!

If you are trying to get these for Christmas please order All Natural Simplicity Series boards and finishing oil only for a quick production time!