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pro series xl wide

Currently 6+ weeks manufacturing time + shipping time. Ships to USA and Canada ONLY
$41.49 (Fixed shipping cost)

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** Note: Our Pro series does not qualify for shipping discount promotions and ONLY ships to USA and Canada.

If you are ordering one pro series board by itself please choose "fixed shipping" as this product has flat rate shipping.  If you are ordering anything else with this board (even finishing oil) contact us for a custom shipping quote/rate as our shipping rate calculator will overcharge you.


This is our 15"x24"(+/- 1/2") by 1.5" thick (+/- 1/8") professional series edge grain cutting board, it is a heavy duty cutting board for the professional or the serious home cook. This is the perfect sized board for someone who cooks large meals, chops meat, and works their cutting boards heavily.

It is hand made with care in Canada using edge grain hard maple and other all natural, and completely non-toxic materials.

On this cutting board we have exposed the edge grain (as apposed to the face grain on our All Natural Series one piece cutting boards). What this does is produces a more durable surface (edge grain is tough) that does not soak up moisture as easily as face grain or end grain boards. It is also a little easier on your knife blades than face grain cutting boards.

We glue up WIDE STRIPS of Hard Maple not small offcuts like others use. Why? because this makes us use less glue and makes a beautiful heavy duty, high quality cutting board. We ONLY USE FDA APPROVED FOR INDIRECT FOOD CONTACT waterproof glue (please try contacting the foreign company that your current cutting board is made by and ask them if they use formaldehyde or other toxic glues, we bet you won't like what you hear). This glue contains NO Formaldehyde or Phthalates.

Our cutting boards have two finish coats of our own all natural Organic Walnut oil & Canadian 100% Beeswax finish or our Organic Coconut & Canadian 100% Beeswax finish. NOT MINERAL OIL FINISH like other cutting boards and wooden kitchen products, as mineral oil is a petroleum based product and the Beeswax we use contains NO Paraffin wax (again a petroleum based product) or fillers of any sort and is pure Beeswax.

Walnut oil is absorbed deeply giving a rich durable finish because it is a drying oil (it polymerizes) leaving a hard protective coating and it resists going rancid so is the perfect all natural organic oil for all wooden objects in your home. We highly recommend Walnut oil over coconut oil (not a drying oil) as it is more protective and is absorbed deeper into the wood, however coconut oil can be used as an alternative if for some reason you would not like Walnut oil on your cutting board.

For those who may have a slight tree nut allergy or do not want to use Walnut oil we also offer our Coconut Oil/Beeswax finish (Coconuts are NOT part of the tree nut family their name is a misnomer). Coconuts resist rancidity also, as well as having antibacterial and anti fungal properties.  Note: For those with walnut allergies, we are not a nut free environment and your board will come into contact with walnut oils and wood.

Hard Maple is one of the hardest, and most durable woods, and can withstand heavy use in a kitchen. ALL professional grade butcher block and cutting boards are made of Hard Maple. It is a closed grained hardwood (unlike oak, etc) that doesn't absorb bacteria easily, and with antibacterial properties on top of that it makes it the most preferred wood for cutting boards and wooden utensils.

The completely non-slip feet on this cutting board are made of hand cut all natural gum rubber, yes, natural rubber from a tree, NOT PVC or synthetic rubber, and they are affixed to the board with high grade stainless steel screws that will NEVER rust.

This cutting board is made from virgin North American Hard Maple ONLY, not a mix of whatever species of scrap wood a company finds or has reclaimed from an object that could have previously used a toxic finish.  It contains only FDA approved for indirect food contact glues and only to attached the strips of wood, we use NO wood fillers, epoxies, or other filling materials to fix blemishes on out cutting boards, if there is a blemish we feel is deep enough or in an area that would harbor bacteria, we do not use that piece of wood.   Also, ALL wooden cutting boards, (and really anything made of wood) will display some movement with moisture from even weather change, this is not a defect if it happens, you usually avoid any noticeable movement by keeping your board dry and well oiled.

Please Note:


*Note: We are not a Tree nut/nut free facility

There can be natural discolorations, spalting, mineral staining and other natural imperfections, there is no such thing as perfect with natural wood. Please take these things into consideration before ordering.

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  1. Not Smooth?

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Aug 2018

    The board is beautiful and like the idea of all natural materials but surface is not smooth.

    Urthware response: "We appreciate your feedback, we finish boards to 220 grit fine sanding, however once you use a cutting board that is made of wood all wooden cutting boards will no longer be glossy smooth. The only way this is possible (to be like your kitchen table or chairs) is if a company uses a synthetic toxic polyurethane or other synthetic toxic clear coat (like a table, chairs or furniture). For more on this, we have this clearly explained in our FAQ section.

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