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Stir and Fry spoon

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Our Uthware Utensils are made using ethically harvested North American Hard Maple (also known as sugar maple), and finished in your choice of organic, natural, and safe finishes.


Our Spatula is designed to:

1. have an easy to hold comfortable, ergonomically designed handle

2. uses a large durable spoon face that is perfect for stirring your stews quickly

3. has a flat end on the spoon end, which is a large surface area to scrape the bottom while stirring stews and soups, or while frying meats and veggies, which makes things quicker and easier. It's like a spatula you can scoop a little food with.

4. hard maple resists staining

5. Doesn't scratch your cookware

6. The corners on the edge of the spoon have a perfect radius to be able to get into the corners of your pots!



Though all of our Urthware Natural 100% Canadian Hard Maple (Sugar Maple) utensils are made using their respective basic designs, please remember that they are all formed and shaped by hand and eye by artisans and therefore will all be distinctly unique and one of a kind, in size and shape.


Why is an Urthware wooden utensil better than other materials?

-Unlike steel Utensils our wooden utensils don't scratch your pots and pans, they don't heat up and burn you when you keep them on the edge of your pot, and (unless you are buying high grade stainless steel) you know what they are made of as they don't leach metals.

-Unlike plastic utensils, um, well, not sure why there is any reason for them, they are inferior and toxic. But I guess one plus is they're cheap.

-Bamboo is made using many small pieces of bamboo glued together with usually unknown cheap glues, bamboo utensils are usually thin and uncomfortable to use.

-unlike cheap wooden utensils ours are made of hard maple coming from North America only (not mystery wood), which is very durable and strong, and resists cracking and splitting. We also don't use petroleum based finishes, only natural ones.  Those spoons at the store are not bare wood, they are finished in..?

-Urthware utensils are just amazing to use daily!


We have taken everything we like in utensils over the years and refined and improved them, and everything we don't we've left out! Our handles are designed to be easy to grip, easy to control, and comfortable in the hand.

We have taken everything we like in utensils over the years and refined and improved them, and everything we don't we've left out! Our handles are designed to be easy to grip, easy to control, and comfortable in the hand.


Our U-Series utensils are:


-100% Canadian made! 

-100% Canadian Hard Maple (Sugar Maple) sourced within 100 miles of our facility in Ontario Canada.

-Absolutely NO Glues or adhesives are used, and they are made from a solid piece of Canadian Hard Maple

-Absolutely NO Fungicides, herbicides, or pesticides used during manufacturing (NO antisap stain coatings)

-Absolutely NO petroleum or synthetic finishes, only truly organic, natural nature made finishes.






Product Reviews

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  1. Shallow Stir & Fry Spoon 1 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Jan 2019

    Didn't realize from the photo just how shallow the Stir & Fry Spoon is. Not sure how functional it will be as it is does not have a flat edge to scrape and the spoon is too shallow to scoop much of anything. However, as is always the case the quality is superb and the workmanship is excellent. Love the spatula that I bought!

  2. Looks good, but not practical for me 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Mar 2018

    I got a set of a spoon and a spatula. The wood is great, but the handle is way too large for me (I am an average size woman). I am used to handles of about 2 cm of diameter max. I don't think it's just a matter of getting used to it... Also for the spoon, I find the shape of the spoon part a bit odd (not curvy, and not deep enough), not really allowing to spoon things, such that it effectively works more as a spatula.

    Urthware Response: Hello :-) Thank you for your feedback! We have had requests to deepen the bowl on the spoon and have slightly changed the depth. The handle however was designed for being easy to hold and control (flat on top for thumb, rounded on bottom for fingers), and is made for medium sized average hands. We do not want to produce handles that are small (like regular spoons are just a bit larger than a pencil) and completely round (which is hard to control). Thank you!

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