Learn about us!

Hello :-)


We are a handmade small Canadian based company located in Southern Ontario, not a big conglomerate. We saw a need for products that are back to the basics,  with as short an ingredients and materials list as possible.  As simple as possible. We make all products by hand and eye not CNC etc.  So they're all a little different! We like it that way! We hope you do too! 

Every handle on a cutting board, and all utensils. are made by me by hand and eye so please realize they vary in size and shape but all follow the basic look you see online. 

What we wanted was lumber that isn't treated or sprayed in anything (No antisap stain coatings etc) just plain hard maple straight from a tree to our counter.  We didn't want glue if we didn't have to use it, or at least the most non-toxic kind we could use if we did.  We now produce nothing that contains glues or adhesives of any kind.  Just plain lumber finished in beeswax for shipping to you. This allows you to choose whatever food safe, quality finish you want you and your family to use in your home or have been using forever in your family. 

Other materials we use include Stainless steel (internal rods and screws) and gum tree rubber (natural latex), nature made waxes and natural oils.

Our material list is quite short. In each product description we tell you everything we use, there isn't anything hidden.  We want it this way.  Our products are made for your home use, made by hand in Canada.

Please take care of your wooden products, they do need cleaning and care just like any other wooden product in your kitchen! 

We are a natural materials company not a hypoallergenic one, necessarily.

Here is our ingredients list: Ethically sourced Canadian Hard maple (aka Canadian Sugar maple) sourced within 100 miles of our location, Organic Beeswax (sourced from Canada and USA apiaries only), 304 Stainless steel hardware, Gum tree rubber feet (latex), coconut based oils, and Carnauba wax.

We don't use any other products or ingredients anymore.  That's the list! Its hopefully the shortest list you've seen lately on a product

Thank you!