UBeeYou Beeswaxed surface

UBeeYou Beeswax coating factory finish


You asked! We listened!


The most requested things we’ve heard:

“We like wooden products but they are confusing and expensive to finish “

“I don’t want to have to buy expensive finish from anyone”

“I want to use my board with my finish oil, we’ve used it for years and it works do your boards work with our oil?”

“What other cheaper finishes work with your boards”

“How do I make my own finish?”

“I want nothing on my board and want to finish it myself”

"I have the perfect natural finish from another manufacturer I already use on my other cutting boards, I want to use that one"

"your shipping rates are more expensive than the product, I don't want to reorder finish" Note: we agree but know we give you our actual discounted rate we get from the actual shipper.

“I want to use the cutting board surface without an oil on it raw, can I have no finish please?”

“Can you finish my cutting board in this instead ?"   -Examples: beeswax but no carnauba wax, Virgin coconut oil, flax/linseed, walnut oil, jojoba oil, fractionated coconut oil but no wax. And of course we can't possibly do this.


We'd love to ship you the raw unfinished cutting board you keep asking for, however, protecting it on its journey from moisture, warping, cracking, picking up smells on its journey were always an issue.

Welcome to Urthware UBeeYou waxed protective finish coat. 


We want our products to be easy and inexpensive for you to maintain. Using your own finish that you already have, from a company you already use a product from, or locally from your area. We want our products to be individual to their user, in their home, and compatible with pretty much whatever food safe, finish oil or wax they like to use from whichever company they choose to buy from. Or a finish they have used, in their families for generations. We don't want incompatibilities when we finish a board then to have you want a different finish when you use it. Customers let us know they really didn't like the fact they had to pay so much to have a finish shipped or so much for the finish.  We couldn't do anything about those two things, and like you we also don’t want them to be so expensive to maintain that you can’t afford to. Or have to spend a fortune on shipping to get a bottle of oil or wax finish. Or be tied to a company for maintenance products.  


Our beeswax only finish that washes off your cutting surface when you receive it, allows you to personalize your cutting board with whatever food safe finish you already use or want to use, from whatever company or woodworker you want to buy it from!

Can you use just an oil? Yup! Can you use just a wax? Yup! Can you use an oil/wax blend (board butter) for some longer lasting protection than just an oil? Yes you can. As long as its a high quality cutting board finish it'll almost always be compatible with our beeswax coated boards once you wash the wax off the surfaces.  The end grain of our boards are infused with beeswax to minimize cracking even if you don't finish it perfectly, and over time as it becomes seasoned you'll be just fine.


How it works. 


We deeply infuse the areas on your boards or utensils (the end grain) where cutting boards of all types tend to fail (crack) first with 100% organic beeswax (from Canadian and USA apiaries only). These areas soak up water the most so are more vulnerable to expansion and contraction from water intrusion and are the areas where cutting boards are prone to fail. We also wax seal under the feet, the screws and the rods. Simply, we block the water in high water point areas which lasts even after you wash off our beeswax from the other surfaces and apply your own finish.  We've covered the more technical areas of a board.

On the other surfaces (your cutting surface, the sides and bottom of your board) we apply a thin protective coat for shipping that will wash away with a hand washing or two leaving an absorbent surface for you to apply your oil or oil/wax finish, your way. The one YOU want, the one that is best for you and your family. Our doing this actually smooths out the cutting surface even after washing. Usually a cutting board gets a bit rougher after the first few washings, this beeswax process lessens this and gives you a pretty much smooth surface to apply your preferred oil.


When you receive your product you can use it right away! 


What do you do when you get it? Couldn't be simpler.

1. Use the board (or go straight to step 2)

2. Give the whole board a good hand wash with a little soap and a cloth and rinse with warm water. 

3. Wipe it dry with a towel,  then let it fully air dry

4. Apply a few coats of your own finish from whatever company you want to buy from (Yes, even just a straight oil, or an oil/wax for some added protection, and let each coat absorb for a bit (or follow the manufacturers directions for that finish)

5. That's it. You're done. Use it normally. And re-oil/wax a few times the first week, a few times the second week and once every few weeks after that or as needed.


The purpose of an oil, wax or oil/wax blend is to block water, moisturize your board to minimize drying and cracking, and minimize staining. It does this by either blocking (wax) water from getting in or by filling the wood fibres up (oil) not allowing water to absorb into them. 


Note: We are not a tree nut free facility.  We are a natural based ingredient company not hypoallergenic. We use only these products in our shop for manufacturing purposes: Beeswax, currently we use coconut based products, hard maple, stainless steel, gum tree rubber (natural latex), carnauba wax (palm wax).


Feel free to ask about our products at info@urthware.com.  We are a small handmade family owned and operated company and are very happy to answer you quickly!