Urthware Essentials Care Pack Oil & Wax

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Product Overview

This Care Pack is recommended as the minimum Urthware Care Pack to order when you order your Urthware Cutting Board.  It contains all you need to keep your wooden products moisturized and protected.


SAVE 10% on this Care Pack versus ordering each item separately !!! 



Our Urthware Cutting board Essentials care pack is the perfect combination to moisturize and protect your Urthware natural wooden products as well as bamboo, butcherblock and other wooden kitchenware.

Helps prevent cracking, warping, drying out, and water damage. Prolonging the life of your wooden kitchenware


Our Urthware Cutting Board Care Pack contains:

1x Urthware 100% Organic Cutting Board Oil finish (STEP 1)(Click for details)

1x Urthware 100% Organic Cutting Board Wax finish (STEP 2)(Click for details)




(No reviews yet) Write a Review