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Check out this blog, for in depth information on toxins in your home and products you use, and fantastic breakdowns and explanations of what products are healthy for your home and which are not. She also has some quite awesome e-books available here

Also see her in depth review of our products here



Check out Debra Lynn Dad's website, she is an internationally recognized consumer advocate specializing in identifying products that are safe and environmentally responsible, she works as a consultant, lecturer, and also a writer to promote healthy living

Go visit here!

You can even listen to a radio interview with her and our founder discussing Urthware products here:

Go to radio show



We were featured in an article in Men's Fitness Magazine titled "Is your cutting board trying to kill you?" , check it out!


 A review of our products and other non-toxic products to detox your kitchen, by The Healing Hands Duo!



An in depth review of our cutting board by the Grass Fed Homestead. Check out their other

videos for some great information!



Another great review by a heathy living blogger that took our boards out for a test run!

Wading Through Soup





Go New Mommy - A great non-toxic blog site for information on healthy products !





Here are some sites with general info on why wooden cutting boards are better!


Grunr Living - How to pick the best wood cutting board for your kitchen


Articles we've found on why wooden boards harbor less bacteria than plastic.